Forestry Services

Although throughout this website are presented lists of individual services, the true nature of H&H Forest Management is the bundle of services we provide. Many of these are inseparable and serve as stepping stones to the next phase of an ongoing project. Our focus is to be there for you along the way, to help identify your needs, and to ultimately help you achieve your goals through the right combination of treatments and services. If you walk away with one message, let it be that we are here to fit our services into your box, not force you to fit within ours.

Timber Sales & Related Services

  • Timber sale administration
  • Timber brokerage
  • Marking
  • Timber cruising and valuation… More Information

Management Planning

    • Forestry & Wildlife Management plans
    • Forest landscape design
    • Forest stewardship plans
    • Tree farm certification
    • Harvest scheduling, growth forecasts, tax and investment planning…

More Information

Reforestation & Silvicultural Services

  • Pine & hardwood tree planting
  • Aerial / ground herbicide applications
  • Prescribed burning
  • EQUIP / WHIP / CRP project installation
  • food plots… More Information

Industry Contract Services

  • Silvicultural contract administration and supervision
  • Turn-key reforestation, aerial & ground based herbicide applications
  • Large scale forest inventory
  • GIS mapping… More Information

Carbon Offset Credit Services

  • Carbon offset project development, registration and credit sales
  • Carbon stock inventory and quantification
  • Carbon market investment analysis… More Information